i believe horse sloughter is wrong

Lauren - 80526, Colorado
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

The starters gate fling open, the bell ringing, the audience cheering like a mob of wild animals, your horse’s hot breath fogging up your glasses as horses gallop down the track like and angry stampede. Your horse is in last place as you cross the finish line. You dismount your horse, take the tack off, throw the lead rope to your manager, and walk away. Just because the horse lost they are taken to a torture chamber till their death. I believe that horse slaughter is wrong. Just because they lost doesn’t mean that they have to die.

I have not yet been to a slaughter house, nor do I ever want to. But I have watched multiple shows on it, and seen brutal pictures. How would we humans feel if you ran a race, or swam, or bikes ect. And if you lost you were dragged away into a; hot, smelly, cramped area with barely enough food and revolting bathrooms, and the people there didn’t feed you except for certain times so your skin clung to your bones and you barely had the energy to stand! When they would drag you off and slaughter you to a brutal death. Not the best image right. Pretty scary to think about. Also I understand that without this brutal way we would have millions of homeless horses. But, think, do you think we could make the conditions better?

I believe this brutal way is wrong, horrible, and should be put under animal abuse category. I get that it is the right thing also, but it is also the wrong and most abusive thing there is. Let us at least give them a second chance. We all disserve a second chance don’t we? When we screw up we don’t die we get to try again. So why not let the horse’s have a second chance too? I believe that horse slaughter is wrong, so let’s make a change and help them. Wouldn’t you want a second chance too? So why not give a second chance to those who don’t have the best race of there life. Let’s make a change.