Music All Around Me

Zoe - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

About two years ago, while I was at summer camp, I began to feel compelled to write down certain tunes and melodies drifting inside my head. I don’t remember exactly what happened that inspired me to write in this way, but it was like one moment it had never existed in me, and the next moment it was there. In my life, I believe that I have the ability to write down beautiful sounds and music.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but somewhere inside of me, growing slow but steady roots, was a passion for writing music. It was burning brilliantly, deep in my soul. Writing and finishing my first song was a big inspiration for me to make up more and more. It seemed as if every time I quickly scribbled down messy notes, new melodic tunes would appear in my head like magic. My mind was quickly turning into nothing but sounds, rhythms, beats, and basically anything that had to do with music.

As I began to live out this new life, I found that as time went by my gift for writing melodies became more promising. Each time I started composing a new song, it slowly became more natural. The tunes would come faster, the rhythms, easier.

Often times, I stumble upon a dead end. I feel as if all of the music juice inside my head has all been drained and there is nothing there. Just silence. But I never give up. Because I know that if I ever give up, I will never grow. The roots that have started to grow inside of me would die. Sometimes, I can place my hands randomly on the keyboard and a tune that I like will ring out. Before I know it, sounds are flowing gracefully out of the piano and I have a new start… for a new song. But other times, I can’t get a single piece of music out of my fingers. It just stays put. So I practice my hardest every single day and work to get better. I hope that someday I will become an accomplished composer. I believe that I have the power to write beautiful sounds and music.

My inspirations do not come only from my first song, they can come from almost anywhere. Sounds from the nature, listening to songs by other artists, and sometimes even people… they all inspire me. Sometimes at night, I suddenly sit up and race over to my desk. I struggle to quickly find some kind of paper and writing source as I frantically try to remember which notes were in my mind just a second ago. While all of this seems very confusing, in the end it all seems to work out. And somehow, I have managed to start many songs. Some are finished and some, unfinished. In my world, I believe that I have the ability to write down beautiful sounds and music.