Anything is Possible

Alex - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Everybody says that they can not do something sometime in their life. But, I believe that you can do anything. With your best effort, you can achieve things that you never thought possible. I started swimming when I was six years old on a small summer club team. When I started, I did not think that I would be very good, but I was able to keep up and pass some of the older kids. This helped me gain confidence so I worked harder and passed more kids that used to be superior to me. When I started to swim all year long with a club team, I got exponentially quicker in half the time. When I was six, I never thought that I would be able to swim as rapid as I am now.

When I was ten years old, I had been swimming year round for a couple years and I was confident that I could win state. My coach would push me harder than anybody else. She made me tougher with sets that seemed extreme to a ten year old. Once I could finish one of these sets without lying on the deck gasping afterwards, she would think of some new way to push me over the edge. I was sure that I was working harder than almost any other age group swimmer in the state and all that work has brought me farther than I ever dreamed of going when I was ten.

When the first day of state came, the fifty yard breaststroke was the first event that I was going to swim and that was by far the event that I had the best chance of winning. During warm up, I felt very strong and ready to race. There were three heats until I got to swim. The person with the fastest time coming into the meet was Nick from the Loveland team. I had been racing him forever and everybody thought that he was going to win the event. As my heat got on the block, I felt pumped up and ready to go. The official started us and we all jumped off the blocks like tigers pouncing on prey. Thirty-seven point zero four seconds later, I glanced up at the scoreboard and saw a giant one next to my name.

Now, all of the hard work that I put forth has brought me to not only one state championship title, but six in my life so far, and I still have the biggest state meet of my life ahead of me next march. I had proved everybody wrong that Nick was going to win, and I plan to do it again this march. Anything is possible, no matter what people say. This I believe.