This I Believe

Colton - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The toughest part of never quitting is finding the strength within yourself to keep persevering. There have been times in my life where this idea has been very clear to me. I believe that life goes on, no matter what happens. This can reveal itself to people in different ways. Some people experience it in their everyday lives, some in sports, some in school, and unfortunately, some see it at their home.

I am a freshman in high school and when I first started to really notice this belief is when I started playing high school football. It was the biggest challenge that I have ever faced in my entire life thus far. I felt like all of my coaches despised all of us players. I now know that all they were trying to do was make us into the toughest football players we could be. During training camp and 2-a-days, they acted like slave drivers during practice. It is unimaginable how hard they worked us last summer and early into the school year. 2-a-days were without a doubt one of the hardest parts of the entire season. They were also probably one of the most painful times of the entire year. Three hours of practice in the morning and three hours of practice during the afternoon. You can imagine how hard we worked and how tired we became. Also, these practices lasted an entire week. Once we started into the school year, the best part of season also began: game time. The practices became easier and more intense at the same time. They were easier because practices were shorter and fewer times a week. They were more intense because we started practicing in full pads and conditioned at the end of practice. The games were what we had all been waiting for and working so hard for. When we won our first game, during the third week against Boulder High School, I felt like we had accomplished one of our goals: win at least one game. The end of the season was bitter-sweet for me. It was bitter because we lost our last game and I am going to miss all of my friends that I made during the season. It is sweet because there will be less stress on me, and I can start to get ready for basketball season, but that is another story.

Life will go on. It has taken me a few times for this belief to become set in stone in my life. But this year, the belief really slapped me in the face. It was a tough season, but just like my belief says, I made it. I feel that this experience of high school football has helped grow into more of a man and has also prepared me for the harsh reality of life outside of my comfort zone. If you take away one thing from my essay, I hope that you will remember that life goes on, no matter what happens.