The Power of a Security Blanket

Emily - Windsor, Colorado
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The Power of a Security Blanket

I’m not going to lie; it feels weird to say this. But here’s the thing: I believe in the power of a security blanket. You know, that blankie you had when you were a little kid that you could always cuddle up with? I believe that everyone, no matter who or how old they are, deserves a chance to reach out and grab hold of something, or someone. A hand, a teddy bear, a blanket, even a place or a sport. Something that can give us a sense of security that we can grasp onto and feel safe.

As I look at the world we live in, I see a strange, mixed-up place that trades kindness for “every man for himself”, Disney Channel for Gossip Girl, smiles for politics, and the feeling of being safe for a scared confused place inside your head, masked with an “It’s all good” attitude. But it isn’t. Not all the time, no. But doesn’t is seem so safe and calm when you feel that friend’s arm around your shoulder, or a hug with that stuffed animal you’ve had since you were three? Forget that age for a moment, because its only a stereotype. In my mind, behind our masks, we’re all like children, afraid of the dark and looking for a blanket to hold.

Sometimes I think back on my life and look for that time when everything felt safe and secure. The time I wasn’t burdened by the struggles of a teenager’s world. I found that one time at a Christian camp a couple summers ago. Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, after long days of zip lining and water balloon fighting, the camp would come together to worship. And it was there I found myself in a sea of my friends with arms around each other’s shoulders, praising God beneath a mountain summer sky sprinkled with stars. Now I don’t know about you, but that’s half of my “securities” in one sentence: God, friends, singing, mountains, stars, summer, you get the picture. It was like Jesus had reached down and covered me in a huge blanket, and I had never felt so safe and warm and secure!

In the months following that summer, new editions to my family came into the world. Two little cousins that were cuter than puppies if that’s even possible! After days filled with curiosity and wonder, they would fall asleep, exhausted in their cribs. I’d watch their eyes close and their little hands subconsciously reaching for their blankets and teddy bears. They seemed so peaceful, with not a care in to world. And it was then that I realized how we all crave what they have; a sense of peace, that teddy bear to hug and that blanket to help us drift of to sleep. Whether the teddy bear be our best friend or the blanket be a good book, we still crave it in the midst of our world. This I believe.