I Believe

Graciela - LOS ANGELES, California
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in God. I think that’s important to the people and me. Some

believes in God, when people have a problem they think on Him. I believe in God

Him when I was five years when I was in an accident. When I was five years old I had a big accident that’s day some car hit to me this happen in México city. When this happened that I was think to the God and then I’m seen my legs and not happened anything. I said ‘thank you’ and I saw the sky to believe in the miracle. So I think most people believe to the God. For example when we have some problems like we have somebody in the jail or some hospitals we all believe to the God. They want some miracles for somebody stay in this places.

I believe to the God, because when sometimes I feel sad and think to the God I feel better. Our when sometimes passed bad things, I think of Him. That is important to help somebody when they are need to the people need help. But if you believe to the God its better because He can do some miracle. I’m asking this question for talking about the miracle He can do in your life and my life. Also for to explain how my life is is since I believe to Him.

When I was scared my mom said to me think to the God and you feel better. I think this word its for always I remember the God when so sad or bad. But most when I need some miracle not only when I have problem I need to Him also when I was happy. My mom said doesn’t forget to God all moments said or happy him can helping.

This quote I support because all the people have some miracle. For example when have accident, problems sick or feel very bad or sad. Most people have some miracle, like me when I have some times problems and I think to him I feel better I believe to the god always in this life.