anthony - 32605, Florida
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

A hero can be anything for anybody but a hero to me is my parents. My first topic is about one of my heroes my mom. My next topic is about my other hero my dad. My last topic is the difference between my heroes. These are my topics on who heroes are to me.

My first hero is my mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is the best mom ever. My mom always helps me and loves on me. She is a really good person. She has always been the loving parent spoiling me. She always accepts me for what I do and what I am. This one time I did ok on a report card but my dada was furious with me. But not my mom, she said it was good but I could use some improvement. She loves me no matter what. So this is just a little bit of reasons why my mom is the best. I love her

My next hero is my awesome dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a great dad. My dad is the tough parent. He is the one who is hard on me and roughs me up. But that can be good because that will help me be strong in the future. My dad is the sporty parent he and i play basketball together, that’s our sport. My dad is really concerned about my grades and my health. He always is telling me too do good in school. He makes sure for me too go to bed on time. Well these were just some reasons why my dad is awesome. I love him

Both my parents are great and my heroes, but they have there differences. My mom spoils me and my dad unspoils it’s a good balance. My dad roughs me up and my mom loves on me. When I do good in school my mom praises me and my dad says I should do better.my mom is more layed back and my dad is more diciplinary. My moms more of the nice parent and my dad is more of the pushful parent. They have there diffrences but they are still grea parents to me all in all.

My coclusion is that parents may have diffrences of love and teaaching but they can still be great like mine. My parents are really good parents and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Well these were just some reasons why my parents are really good parents. They both are very different, but they are still awsome parents. Well ill conclude this by saying parents are the greatest, I know mine are the greatest. I love my parents. They are truly the best parents ever.