i believe dancing is a sport

Brizanery - Los angeles, California
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe Dancing is a sport. How is dancing a sport? Dancing is a sport because my body is moving and sweating at the same time. Every bone moves, every muscle stretches. With dancing, like with sports, I have to practice to get better. Especially when all I want is to go pro at it. Dancing inspires me to get away from family problems. I’m focused just the way I focus in any other sport. It is my motivation to enjoy myself no matter what situation I’m in. Dancing is my favorite sport.

Dancing is a hobby that keeps me active as much as any sport would. Dancing has a lot of different movements. You can dance slow, fast, emotional and aggressive. The faster I dance the more I sweat. Depending on the format of the dance, its movements require my body to be able to jump, flip, bend and the ability to be flexible. I have to have good coordination and style to look good. If I have nothing to do, I can always dance.

I dance to get better at dancing. Every time I’m watching music videos, I get motivated by all the background people on stage dancing because the dancers are very good and I try to imitate their steps. I like it when others try to help me with some dance steps because I know they’re helping me so I won’t make myself look bad. My sister and I also compete with each other. Why? Well, because we motivate each other not to lose and to try harder to get better at what we love doing. I love dancing because while I’m dancing I find something interesting about how I move or the fact that I can create dance steps to it. When I’m dancing I have fans. By fans I mean after I dance for an audience or a group of friends, there is always someone that asks me to help them learn how to dance or teach them my skills.

When I’m feeling down or depressed, I focus on the beat of the music and that helps me forget why I was sad or full of anger. I just let my soul get taken away by the beat, so I can express myself through my dance. Yes, I do get emotional and sometimes when I’m going through a hard time, I cry and dance. When I’m dancing to the music, I feel the butterflies in my stomach. But because I’m dancing, I get carried away, my emotions start changing and lets me forget my family problems. That’s why I enjoy dancing, no matter in what situation I’m in, dancing helps me get away from all the drama.

When you play sports you play because you love them. I dance for fun; I love it and enjoy it. Dancing is what i do.