This I believe………The racial Profile

Latoya - Los Angeles, California
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

When is it finally mines? This freedom, this liberty, and this justice I claim. For how many more years, will we hate and hurt each other, for the actions of our ancestors? When will I, as black person, stop being segregated against and be seen as more than a slave in my society?

“This fabric is too light to bear the weight of bondsmen’s (slaves) tears; I shall not in its texture trace the agony of years” (Free Labor Harper p.576). The times of owning slaves are over, and I believe segregation should not be tolerated. I can not continue to blame those who live next door to me, or those I acknowledge as I pass the on the street, or even the people who work in the grocery stores for the things their people did to mine so long ago, because its not like they are the people who did that to me. I believe, we need to see each other as the beautiful human beings that God made us to be, instead of segregating those of a different color, ethnicity, race, gender or for the choice of the people they choose to date. Why can’t we unite? Just as the state we now live in has? I’ll tell you why, because we, as a community, continue to discriminate against each other, murder and kill one another, and steal from and lie to each other. I am unable to see the difference in society’s outlook on the “Black” community, only allowing the “colored” people to do a certain amount of things because of my race. I, as a “black” person, struggled just to be where I am now. Not only am I African American, I am also a woman, which also eliminated me from doing many things, but my question is why?

I remember last year around the summer time, I went online and put in an application for Target (in Torrance). The people called me for my interview, but when I arrived there, the guy looked at and said “Oh, your black, I’m sorry the position has been filled”. It hurted my feelings to know the reason I didn’t get the job was because I am “black” and its something no one should have to live with.

I believe everyone has a piece of them that if the was to show as often as they could, everyone would love. We all have some of the same characteristics and qualities that no race, gender nor ethnicity can change. So I believe that we all should show love as we want to be loved.