Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

How would your life be without education? I believe that having an education will take me anywhere I want in life, and have a successful future. I can accomplish anything you want in this world as long as I use my brain and go through the right path by getting an education and staying in school. In order to achieve my goals you have to believe in myself that you can do anything you want.

In my experience everyone in my family never finished high school except for my two older brothers. My parents never did. My father Jose Martinez dropped out on his six grade year because he had to work in order to help my grandma with money. My mother Maria Martinez gave up in her 8th grade. In Mexico there are many believes that women don’t need an education, that all they’re supposed to do is be good wives and take care of their children. My auntie Maria, when she was in her middle school years, never went to school, she would ditch school to go with her boyfriend. Now she has 11 children. All from different fathers. She really messed up her life. She never finished school so therefore she cannot get a decent job, she cannot read and write in a proper way, and has been a bad role model for her children.

Two of her daughters Liz and Gem ended up pregnant, one at age 14 and the other one at age 15. Up to this day they both have five children each and they are not even 25 yet. It’s funny because the story repeated and all of their children have different fathers too. They did not finish middle school so they cannot get good jobs. They do not have much money to go out to expensive restaurants and have dinner or money to pay a car. All they do is sit around home and wait until they get there check from the welfare. Many teens these days think it’s easy to raise a child but really its not. It takes something really little to mess up your whole future. That’s the reason I say that education will help me out a lot in life.

Many people who go to school are normally the ones you see as lawyers, doctors, firefighters, nurses accouter and etc. They are the ones who drive the expensive cars and have nice houses why? Because they have an education so it was easy for them to get a good paying job. Those are also the ones that don’t have to work getting bossed around by others. The more education I have the more money I will get. Others might think that it really doesn’t matter but if you think about it closely, it does. Education can make me a successful person. I will work hard and graduate. I’m going to try my best to attend to UCLA and start my career in business. My goals in life are to own my own house, my own car, and have a healthy family. I know that by staying in school and receiving an education I will accomplish anything. I believe trusting yourself is the best way to go, I believe in never doubting yourself ever. Believing and trusting me helped accomplish more than what I expected. This I believe.