one hot day

marcos - la ca 90011, California
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that what comes around goes around. Do you believe what goes around comes around? How long does it take for karma to come around?

When I was a little kid like about eight years old I went to the desert with my cousin and my friend and we would use the dirt bikes and go up the mountain. One day that we went we found a lake and we were hanging out there for a little while and then we went back where the trucks were parked and while we were eating the other people decided to use the bikes in the meanwhile we were resting. Then when they came back from using the bikes we took off again and we found a place to bust some tricks of the bikes we decide to hang around there for a while. After that we decided to race each other and while playing around I faked that I was about to crash with my friend so that he could stop, he got scared and fell of the bike and injured his arm really bad. Six months later we went again and were hanging out again and eating before we decided to take off again and went right back to the lake and caught some fishes, but after that, we went to the mountains and began to race again in the sand but since it was too loose my back tire was swerving and when I looked to the back I lost control of my bike and fell down and sprained my whole my whole arm and legs and half of my face. I was in pain and I felt like if I was going to die. I felt like crying but I didn’t I was strong and I went to the hospital with my daddy right after. This is the reason why I believe in karma because I was just playing with my friend and I did not mean to harm him, but because I caused it, it ended up happening to me too the funny part was that my friend had nothing to do with. I think that God knew that was not right so he decided to punish me. Now I think carefully about the things that I do weather they are right or wrong.