World Violence

Danny - Los Angeles, California
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

There was this once time that I was walking down South Central at night. It was around 9 P.M. There were no cars or anyone on the street where I was walking. All of a sudden when I was walking I saw three bald guys and they were wearing sweaters and they had their hood on. They came up to me and stopped me. They were pointing a knife at me and asking for money. I refused to give them anything and they put the knife in my stomach and they punched me in the face. The punch didn’t hurt but I got angry when they did that, but I was a little scared at the same time. I was mostly angry, and then they started searching through my pockets and they took my stuff. Then they ran with my stuff. I couldn’t do anything about it since they were three of them and knife and I was alone. I believe that one of the biggest problems that the whole entire world has is violence and violence is the cause of suffering, problems and maybe later, destruction of the world.

There is no such thing as peace or a safe place with no violence in this world. In every part of the world there’s violence going on every minute. There’s life being taken away for no reason. There’s people stealing and maybe raping people at the same time. Also one of the other biggest violence is the war and the terrorism. In the war there’s a lot that happens and that’s happening in this moment. There are people dying and there’s also people killing innocent people that has nothing to do with the war, there’s raping included in the war too.

Also, violence can be the destruction of the world. The reason why is because the violence will keep increasing moment by moment. Also the war is going to be the main destruction of this world. Then later every part of the world would be in war and destroying each other little by little, until nothing left. The violence can’t be stopped but can be controlled. This is the biggest problem that the whole entire world has and its violence. The incident that happen to me when I was walking in south central and the three bald guys stopped me and punched me and took my stuff and ran away. I think that it can be stopped by making every street safe at night and day to stop violence. The same goes for world peace only that different solution. We need to stop war and talk about the problem and solve it person to person, not in war.