Maritza - los angeles, California
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

My mom tells me to do well in school. Pass my classes and graduate and just get it over with. She wants me to graduate because she wants to see me being someone important in life. She tells me if I have a good education I can do anything and later in the future have a lot of money. She tells me that she does not want to see me being like her, working in a low wage area, and having to have a hard time getting money. She wants the best for me. One time I was doing really badly in school. I didn’t care about school any more. I had it with school. I was kicked out of school and my classes. I use to jump the fence and go where ever I wanted. I was really bad. One time I was in the streets and the police arrested me because I had to be in school. The police had to call my house and told my dad that I was at the police station. When my dad got there he didn’t talk to me because he was so disappointed at me. When he told my mom what had happened my mom got really upset and disappointed. She was so sad that she began to cry. She started to tell me why I did it. She told me that she wanted the best for me. That she didn’t want me to do badly in school. She told me to try hard and never give up on anything that I want to accomplish.

I felt so disappointed in myself for doing all those things. I felt really bad for making my mom cry. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody. That day I knew that someone cared about me, that I wasn’t alone. From that day I learned a big lesson. I felt that I could be someone in life. I felt that my life is worth it. I felt that I could accomplish my dreams and goals. My mom’s words helped me a lot. She made me realize that I could do it, that I could graduate and get it over with. That’s why from that I started to go to class and school. I did my work in class. I did my homework. I started to see that my grades went up. I was impressed of what I did and what I could do.

I believe that family is important. Family is really important because family is always there when you need them. Family helps me and people go on with life. To me my mom is important. She is part of my family. My mom helps me by giving me advice.