smart is the key

marina - LEWISVILLE, Texas
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

In my first year in high school, biology is the hardest subject I have.

It is even harder than Algebra even though some people think the opposite of that.

On the first test I got 74 out of 100. I was really sad and mad. I was thinking that I would do worse the next time. Even my mom was mad at me because she is a science teacher. She was mournful because of that bad grade. But because of what happened next I believed that I was getting smarter.

On the second test I got an 89 out of 100! I was happy, not because of that grade but because I got a higher one than the last time. My mom was happier than last time too.

On the next test I got a 96 out of 100. I was super happy and of course my mom was too and because of that I believed more and more that I was smart and I’m getting smarter too.

What happened next made me extremely happy.

On the fourth test I got 98 out of 100! I was completely happy.

I was scared about the semester exam. I didn’t know what to do or to study. There was too much information to “study” I was having to study four tests so I could succeed on the semester exam.

My teachers didn’t stop telling me that I would get a good grade, and I kept telling them that I was scared of the semester exam.

The problem was that Biology required too much studying and it was too much information.

I took the Biology semester exam and finally I got 99 out of 100! I couldn’t believe that I got that grade!

I was super crazy happy and my mom and dad too. That showed me I’m smart and I believed what my teacher had told me every day.