With nothing to write about

Alex - Kent, Washington
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As i read many of these essays, and others in my 12th grade english class, i realize that i live a life that not many people would find interesting to write about. I haven’t had anyone in my immediate family die, i have never been in a fight, i have never broken a bone, i have never been out of the country, i have no disease and i am a white male. The list goes on and on. Most people would say that i live a good life, but as i read some of these essays, i realize that my life is missing something. Something significant. Something that a person would read and pitty me for. Something that someone would want to read in the first place. But why are these essays more interesting than ones about a life that people want to live. People write about how their dad died, or their parents divorced, or how they are being discriminated against and that is interesting. But me, I believe that no one wants to read about a kid who’s most significant event was an A on a math test or a family vacation. This i believe.