Sex before Marriage

Mireyda - Los Angeles, California
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe having sex before marriage is absolutely not wrong. Things have changed now a days but I’m pretty sure there are still some people out there who still believe that having sex before marriage is wrong. Everyone have a different opinion about it and I really do respect them just how I would like others to respect mine too.

Out of five sisters and one brother I’m the youngest. My parents immigrated here form Mexico. Life here is very different from Mexico. Many people have different beliefs and one of my family’s beliefs is that you can not have sex before marriage. I strongly disagree with my family. I’m always arguing with my mother about this issue and every time we argue about it we never come to a conclusion.

I had been with my boyfriend two years and three months and I am fifteen years old about to be sixteen in November. I really love him and I could say that love does conquer all. The time came when I had sex with him and it was something I had never experienced before. When that happened my mother was all in my head I felt sad in a way but it wasn’t that I didn’t care I was honest about it with her and I came clean to her. She really likes my boyfriend and he is part of my family. My mother told me just to be careful and not to make the mistake of becoming pregnant at a young age and I completely understand that choices have consequences and I would say that I really did take a big risk in general, every teenager is if they are having sex. I strongly agree that sex is a person’s decision and that sex before marriage is not wrong and if a person would like to judge by all means it is not affecting them it’s affecting the person doing it, This I believe.