I Believe That Drugs Are Bad!

Enrique - Los Angeles, California
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: addiction

Growing up in South Central Los Angeles I have seen many horrible things, I have seen people get shot, I’ve seen people do things that later on they regret. I have seen gang violence. But out of all the things that I have seen, the one that affected me the most was seeing the effects of drugs.

I believe that drugs are bad because as I was growing up I saw one of my closest cousins get addicted to all sorts of drugs. As far as I could remember my cousin Miguel was a very good student. After he finished high school he was a hard worker in the construction business working with my father. After that he started to hang out with the wrong crowd. Since he was young and didn’t have much to spend on, he started to do drugs. At first he would just smoke weed. Later on he started to do coke and then crystal. He then began to mix the two substances together. Once he was really addicted to the drugs his family took him into rehab. When he came out he wouldn’t talk to anyone. All he would do is stare in to space. He wouldn’t move. He had really been affected by all the drugs.

Seeing my cousin like this really affected the way that I thought about drugs. It also made me feel bad to see my cousin as if he was spiritless. I think that I wasn’t one of the only ones that was affected by my cousin’s drug abuse; most of our family was affected by it, especially because he really brought the good mood into everyone’s day. I believe that one of the reasons that he was so into the drugs was that his mother wasn’t living with his father. Since his mother wasn’t living with his father she really wouldn’t pay attention to him because she was too busy taking care of her romantic life. I believe that it was her fault that he was hanging out with the wrong crowd because she just didn’t care. Later on because of all the problems he had with his step father he stole seven hundred dollars from his mom and just left. Ever since then I haven’t heard from him.

This is why I believe that drugs are bad because they wipe out people’s brains and make them commit stupid actions that they don’t even think of doing. I also believe that drugs are bad because they change people’s feeling and they don’t let them think right. They are bad because they didn’t allow my cousin to get off of them and they kept him addicted forever because even if he overcomes his addiction if he tries it once more he will get addicted again. Drugs are also bad because there are some people that can’t live without them. Seeing the effects that drugs had on my cousin it made me not want to ever try drugs.