The Power of Music

Natalie - Gainesvile, Florida
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“For heights and depths no words can reach, music is the soul’s own speech.” That is a quote that my grandmother sewed into a picture we have hanging on our wall. It’s one of those quotes that are so old that they jut lie around without an author to claim them. I agree entirely with that quote. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but music describes a thousand emotions. It is amazing how powerful music can be. It is a way of communication directly to an emotion. Every living thing responds to music.

For instance, some people believe that plants will grow faster and healthier if music is played to them. I’m not sure if that is the truth, or if its just and old wives tale, but it makes sense to me. Who would want to live their lives without music? Studies have show that children who are exposed to music daily make higher scores on tests than students who do not. Something about the arrangement of pitches in a melody stimulates the brain and increases thought process. I know that I would enjoy listening to music all my life. Why not plants?

Furthermore, music therapy is used to lessen the impact of Parkinson’s disease on the brain. After three weeks of treatment, Parkinson’s disease patients had improved the length of their strides and their balance by and average of about 25 percent. Different styles of music are also given as therapy to stir up lost memories from patients with diminished memories.

In addition to using music for therapy purposes, music is used in almost every movie world wide. For example, if a movie editor wants to add more tension to a scene, he might add music that makes the listener tense. If a scene is supposed to be romantic, there will almost certainly be romantic background music playing during a scene.

Likewise, if an advertisement is not catchy enough, one of the strategies of the advertiser might be to make a jingle to go along with it. That way, any time a customer hears that same jingle sequence, they think of that product. Adding music is a great tactic to increase product sales.

I believe that music is an essential part of any living creature’s life. It is a means of communicating what you feel without sharing a common language. Emotion is directly conveyed through the sound of the music, rather than through words or pictures. Music touches the hearts and memories of every living thing, whether they have a fully functioning brain or not. Every culture has a style of music. Today, many of those styles have been blended to create diverse and modern sounds that have changed immensely from the first melodies and rhythms created thousands and thousands of years ago. Every day scientists receive abstract sounds and pitches coming from the depths of space, that almost sound like a distant form of music. Maybe someday, if we are to make sense of the sounds out there, we will be able to communicate with otherworldly life forms with our own music.