Isn’t she lovely

Nikiya - Denver, Colorado
Entered on November 4, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Here I am palms sweaty and heart pounding. The interview of my life had finally come and for all the wrong reasons I was nervous. My brown kaki flooding pants clang against the upper part of my ankles. The old torn puke-ish pink moccasins made me look like a rag doll, and the horrible multicolored, too small flooding blazer made me look like I stole it from a child. Here I am about to walk into the number one world leading investment bank looking like I was a part of a circus. I could feel the tears in my eyes and pressure building up in my face. All the hard work I put into getting to this point was about to come to an end. Being picked for an interview out of 600 applicants for the experience and internship of a life time was slowly being flushed down the toilet. Should I enter or just walk the other direction? The huge glass doors and windows looked as if they were starring me down and I couldn’t get out of their sight. All those brilliant business women and men walked passed me in down-town Chicago like I didn’t even exist. At that moment I realized they only looked down upon and ignored me because I felt invisible and I felt unworthy. I took a deep breath and I began to walk from corner I had been standing on and towards the huge intimidating glass doors, which no longer seemed so scary once I claimed my own existence. I walked in with all the confidence in the world and although I felt the piercing looks, I switched it around in my mind. “Isn’t she lovely, so worthy and beautiful. I feel so blessed to see such a young woman in my presence”. I figured that is what they had to be thinking because at that point I was on a mission to claim my destiny. The time finally came and I was in front of my interviewers. Before I knew it we were talking and laughing. Never once did I think about the clothes on my back. Two weeks later as I sat in my office as the assistance to the Director of Market Data Services of UBS Investment Bank the world’s #1 leading investment bank, I thought “what a fool I would have been to walk away from this. Here I am one of the 10 out of 600 picked to be a future success story. I couldn’t believe I almost walked away from my destiny because of a few issues I was faced with the night before the interview”. Then the summer after that, I sat in my office at Madison Dearborn Partners one of the leading private equity firms as the assistant to the CFO and treasurer and thought “wow I have come a long way, 17 and not even a senior in high school yet. I guess life has more plans for me than I thought”.