Scary Movies

Charissa - san bernardino, California
Entered on November 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

While I watch a scary movie I am jumpy and on the edge of my seat. I put my hands on my face to cover my eyes, but look through my fingers anyway. I do not consider myself to be a big fan of scary movies, but it seems every time a scary movie comes out in theaters I am sitting there in the seat watching it with my friends. Though I find them enjoyable, they scare the heck out of me and the thought of them stays with me for quite awhile. I believe that horror films have a longer lasting affect than just when you leave the theater or shut off the movie. I know that when I get into a situation that I find a little unyielding I flash back to a certain scene in the movie and I tend to be more paranoid and extremely cautious of my surroundings.

Some of the movies that I have seen have had a major effect on my way of thinking or acting in certain situations. A few examples are; after watching the movie Hitcher I will never pick up a hitch hiker. After Nightmare on Elm Street I was afraid to go to sleep for a month. The Strangers made me uneasy being home alone, and every time I babysit I wonder if I am truly alone after seeing the movie When a Stranger Calls. All of these movies have a different effect on different people. When I have babysat my little cousins I would watch a movie with them. Whether it was a shoot em’ up movie or just an Acme cartoon, they would try to be just like the characters in the movie. In telling you how some of these movies have affected me, I have heard of others that have been affected by scary movies.

In 1993 the body of toddler James Bulger was found mutilated by a railroad. His killers were two ten year old boys. Police found the movie Childs Play 3 in the boys’ home. Three year old James had red hair just like the character Chuckie in the movie. These ten year old boys felt so justified in murdering this three year old boy that they so closely correlated the murder of James in the same way that the movie did. Children should not watch scary movies because they don’t know the difference between a movie and reality. The age you are when you watch these movies have a major impact on how these movies will affect you. This is just one example of many that I have found.

Watching scary movies doesn’t create killers, but it can desensitize people enough to where they feel that killing in certain circumstances or when a person reminds them of an evil character in a movie, they can justifiably murder without regard for the human being. I truly believe that watching scary movies has a much larger affect than just watching the film.