I Believe in the Self Confidence to Take Chances

Dylan - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re usually right.” I couldn’t agree more with this quote by Henry Ford, as self confidence comes into play around us everywhere. Today, ideas, thoughts, and inventions all shape the world. But where did they begin? Somewhere along the line, people have had the self confidence to stand in front of the world to present something that may have seemed unnecessary at the time. Where would we be today without those select few that had the self confidence to take chances? I believe in the self confidence for people to depart from their miniscule comfort zones to take chances. In my life, I have found that successes are continuously products of having self confidence. I believe having the confidence to take chances is necessary to move forwards.

I believe in the confidence because the world relies on confident individuals. I know how far self confidence can take me, and I see how individuals have changed the world. Confident people have created ideas for today’s foundation of recreation. We listen to iPods, talk on cell phones, watch television and rely on many other technologies for our recreation. In olden days, a pastime may have been to walk down a dirt road in an empty countryside and find a place perhaps to relax. But would this have been done if the dirt roads hadn’t been created for direction, or cell phones were not available? I can see the leaders who have emerged with confidence in the past, from Thomas Edison to Martin Luther King Jr., these people who shaped our lives in a way that is now standard in our lifestyle. People who have taken chances have helped us constantly improve our lives.

But only after struggling with self confidence do I understand it. In past years, I was very caught up in what others thought of me, and worried about my work on various things. However, as my confidence has built up over the years, so has the work I have been doing, in school and out. Through worrying for tests or grades, I relied too much on peers to be able to stand alone. But today, after seeing that relying on others can only get me so far, I can open my eyes to see how self confidence is important, and as I have become less and less dependent, my confidence has risen along with the product of my work.

I can see the importance of self confidence everywhere I look in the world. Individuals who have helped us shape a variety cultures and ideas. I believe that individuals holding back hold back the whole world, and if everyone had self confidence or took chances, I can only imagine where we could be toady. I believe the world lives and moves forwards on new ideas, from new confident people. I believe in the self confidence to take chances.