The best game ever played

Drew - melrose, Florida
Entered on November 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

“The best game ever played”

Soccer is the best sport ever made that is why I believe that I played the best game ever. My name is Drew Ward I am 15 years old and live in Gainesville Florida. I have played soccer since I was about six years old and I play as the goalkeeper.

It was Sunday morning the day of our championship soccer game. We were playing a team that we had already lost to. So we all started by taking a lap around the field than stretching. Once we were done stretching I got in goal and my team got into to lines and started to shoot on me. If I remember correctly I block all but one shot.

Finally the referee had come so he came and check to see if everybody had the right gear. The game started with the other team kicking off with a shot, the shot was way left. The game was tiring and a very aggressive. There were fouls thrown every second. The there was a foul in the penalty box and there was a penalty kick on me. The kicker kicks a hard… I choose the wrong way but luckily the ball hit the upper 90. Then after the bounce I jump up high and over a leg and caught a ball. The game went on my heart beating a million miles an hour. Then we pull up with a goal making it 2 to 1. But they responded right back with another goal on me making it 2 to 2. Then there was a water break, everybody was sweating profusely. Then the game started back up. At the water break this meant that there where only 15 more minute. In the whole time no one had scored. So then we had to go to golden goal. This means first goal scored wins so everybody had to be determined if we wanted to win. The game was just as fast as it had been; a player had come and was about to score on me when all of a sudden a player from no where slides tackles him. But unfortunately there was a foul and another penalty kick. This time a different kicker he bolts it this time I choose the right way and block it. I hurry get up and launch the ball down the field to another play; it was only him and the keeper but he shot and scored!!!!

GOAL everybody scored I was yelling my head off. It was his only goal of the season and the best of the season. We ended getting golden medal and we were very happy. This is why I believe this was the greatest game ever played.