This I Believe

Kendra - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

The power of love

Love does not have to be a burning passion toward someone. It can be a smile from a friend, or a look in the eye from a pet. It can be anything. Just knowing that someone out there cares for you is one of the most powerful things on this planet. I believe in the power of love.

In my eighth grade year, I went through harsh struggles with my friends. If I offered my opinion or thought on a subject, they would cut it down right away and tell me I was wrong. They would play pointless jokes on me for no reason, only to make me feel bad. I was to the point of thinking that no one loved me. But every once in awhile one them would catch my eye and smile. And then maybe, just maybe, I was loved.

The one person who showed me how to love was my brother Mark. Before these situations with my friends, I never could say that I loved my brother. It just seemed strange and didn’t really make sense. It was weird to me to love this kid who lived in my family who I didn’t really like too much at the time.

In those hard times with my friends, Mark was the one who showed me the way out. He showed me how to love by loving me. He was the one who made me happy when I was sad. He could tell that I was sad and helped me through it. Mark was like the silver lining in my life that became stronger and stronger as times got harder. Eventually, I realized I was loved. Mark had been there all along for me. He was the one who helped me see the good in people and learn to love them for who they are. Just by him showing me how much he cared for me, Mark showed me how to love and care for my friends.

From then on, I started to love my friends for who they were and not how they acted. The dark side of the clouds began to turn to light. I learned to ignore their comments and remarks toward me. I gave my soul out to them and soon it became a habit to love. They began to love me back and their cold shoulders slowly melted away. I learned that love is the answer. Love helps to make up all the qualities in life. Qualities are the things that make up life. Learning to love creates a better life.

Showing a little love to others helps me to love even more. Even just smiling at someone will help gain that strength to love more strongly. I believe in the power of love.