Ashlan - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

“Equality”- the state or quality of being equal; degree, value, rank, or ability. I believe there is no such thing as equality. It’s just another word. If you look it up, you get countless definitions for “words”. Things that are true and real are things that can be explained without words. People slapped a label on everyday ideas and feelings so they can be easily understood. But is something this complicated meant to be understood?

Everyday when I look around me people are vying for more. People want more and through that desperation and desire, they get more. Nobody is equal to someone else because whether its ability, color or value you always have something more or less than someone else.

If you try out for track, and you come in second in running the mile by 10 seconds, who do you think the coaches will pick? You who can run the mile in 6 minutes and seven seconds or the person who can run it in five minutes and fifty-seven seconds? The choice is obvious and it all comes down to ability. This sort of thing happens everyday and it’s a known fact, if you’re better than someone else at something you will excel at that while the other person doesn’t.

Black, white, brown or whatever color you are people judge you. In a society like Fort Collins where the majority is white the racial prejudice goes up because it’s something we are not used to. In this kind of situation, people will look at you and think something about your skin color, intentional or not. It may even be positive or non-positive. Just last week I saw a poll on a popular news station that asked America “What do you think the most violent race is?” 76% of Americans said Black. Since the majority of the U.S. is white, Most Americans thinks they are “not as violent” as that minority of Hispanics, Blacks, and Asians.

Should it really depend on who your parents are or where you were born to influence you life’s outcome? It shouldn’t but it does. In today’s society if you are born to someone of high status, your opportunities open up several doors that aren’t available to the general public. You have many more chances. Now let’s say that you are born to a poorer family and you want to have a fairly decent life. You have to work four times as hard to get four times as less as the richer person with more open doors. You don’t have those doors open to you, leading to fewer opportunities. Is that fair?

In many ways there is no such thing as “equality”. Maybe there once was, but people let their differences get to their head, and they slaughtered this idea. Now equality is a word used by those with more to make those less fortunate feel better about their horrible lives. I truly believe there is no such thing as equality.