families are better together

Domonique - Gainesville, Florida
Entered on November 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Families are Better Together

When I was assigned this assignment in classroom, I really couldn’t think of anything to write about right of the top of my head. As I was sitting home a few days later, looking around the house and thinking about what I could possibly write about. I thought about my dad an his side of the family and how close we are. This made me feel so good to known that I’m apart of that family. Because of that feeling that I got I believe that all families are better together.

One of things that’s keeps so close is are annual family reunion. Every year in May on Memorial Day weekend we have family reunion. Where are all are family members travel near and far to the small country town of Alachua, Florida to participate in this huge event. Its stars on a Friday afternoon when everyone is just getting there, greeting each other, and catching up to be done. We usually have a fish fry that night and prepare for the next day. On Saturday is full of barbeque and some very competitive games of kick ball and other sports all day long. Sunday we go to church as one big family and afterward eat some good ole soul food. We conclude the whole matter on Monday which is Memorial Day when heads back home. Sunday is my least favorite day.

Are family is not just for fun , food ,and games. It’s a time for us as a family to learn how we are related, learn are family history ,and the fellowship. Every year doing that time I realize how grateful I am to have people that love me, care for me, and always there for me. My family!!

Another we do as a family, is every fourth Sunday we get to gather and have a family meal after church service. This is just one thing that helps us to stick and stay close together. Its not as good ,and as many people as are family reunion. But it is still very good fellowship.

I believe that families are better together because, you are more likely to learn about your ancestors and were you come. Which are great things to know. Some thing you properly wouldn’t learn from just your mom or your dad. I believe that families are better together because, its gives you good feeling to know that you have people that love and care for you. Whit those people on your side you more likely feel good , and do grate things in your life.

I’m Domonique and this is why I believe that families are better together.