Time is Golden

Sang Ki - Lakeville, Connecticut
Entered on November 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Time is Golden

Back in the olden days I was an outstanding child in many areas. When I was in sixth grade, I was on TV as a representative from our school for more than forty minutes. I was a representative for academic bowl, in singing group, in a Korean traditional instrument band, and other clubs. I was also known as the swimmer. I was the Seoul junior champion when I was five or six years old by winning Masters 18th swimming race. I was the youngest participant they had ever had, and I had to race against 3rd – 5th graders.

People may think I had a successful life back than, but they are wrong. I never felt excited about doing anything. The only reason I was involved in many activities was because of Academy. Now I can describe Academy as a joyful place but at the same time, hell. To illustrate better, last summer, I woke up at six thirty every day and headed off to Academy. When I was in the car going to Academy I often saw the sun just rising or even sometimes, drunk people still sleeping on the street. When I got there, I had to sign in at the front desk so a text message would go to my mom’s cell phone that I had arrived at Academy. Then I would take my morning test from eight to nine. However, this isn’t the worst part. Mr. Kim, smiling, would enter the class and shout at us that class had started and talk every 3 seconds. I don’t mean that he was just a boisterous person, he made us laugh often, but he was so smart that everything he talked about, we couldn’t gasp.

Class went from exactly 9:09 through 1o’ clock. And then it was lunch rush time. All the kids from our Academy, including Kyo, Jenny, and Ben, sometimes would run out to the street to eat fast. This was because if we were late, we had to take one more test. After lunch was study hall. Until we finished our quizzes and tests that we had to take every day, we would stay until we finish them. Some people who didn’t finish went home at 11o’ clock at night.

I’m saying this to emphasize that most of you, who are able to have fun during the summer, need to realize how much luckier you are than many other Koreans and I.

So don’t waste your time on something that is unnecessary during your free time. Try something else; try even picking up garbage for thirty minutes every day or even smaller things. Time is gold my friends. We’re only young once and we’re never old twice. The majority of the time I forget, but it is true. Some of you might be regretful right now because you didn’t study or do your homework that is due today and instead played video games or watched TV shows last night. And my final message is, don’t regret anymore now, change yourself, use your time wisely. Live every day as if it were your last, because one day it will be. However it’s not that time yet. Enjoy every moment. Be happy. After all, isn’t that what life is all about? This is what I believe.