What Dogs Can Teach You

Michela - Fort Collins, Colorado
Entered on November 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that dogs can teach you more than any human ever could.

About a year and a half ago, my dog who we had had for 16 years passed away. She was a huge part of our lives, and it was devastating putting her down. But, we still knew that we wanted to adopt another dog. About 3 months later, we saw an ad in the paper for yorkie/poodle puppies for sale. We drove to see them, not knowing whether we would adopt one or not. Once we got there, we watched 5 puppies play around. There were 4 black and brown, and 1 unusual tan and red colored dog. We knew that was the dog we wanted, so we named him Rocky and brought him home. For the first couple of weeks, he slept all day, and rarely wanted to play, but after a few weeks, he became a regular hyper puppy. He wanted to play constantly, and would follow me everywhere.

I have always loved and had a passion for animals, and have wanted a puppy for a while, so Rocky was the perfect dog for me. He loves to go on walks, lie on your lap, and follows me everywhere. He is the most playful and loving dog you will probably ever see. He stays by my side every second that I am home, and he is attached and in love with everyone he meets. Rocky brings happiness to everyone in my family, and if you watch him, you can’t help but smile.

Rocky is a dog so obviously he can’t talk. But he has taught me more than words could ever say. His committed love to everyone has taught me how to love someone, and how to live life the way that you want to. He doesn’t listen to commands very often, and if he wants to bark, he probably will. If he wants to get in a room, he will scratch and jump on the door until he gets let in. That has taught me that if I want to do something, to not hold anything back. He doesn’t understand what people say, so life is a lot simpler than a human beings. This all may sound complicated for a dog, but when you look into anybody or anything’s actions, you can learn. I believe that dogs can teach you more than any class, school or person ever can. This is what I believe.