Can you believe it?

crystal - lewisville, Texas
Entered on November 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

My brother was dead for 1 minute before the doctors tried to resuscitate him. The 3rd time, his heart started beating. But I could only see him through the glass window. When my brother’s girlfriend came I showed her where to go so that she could see him. I tried to go in the room with her but my mom and dad that were in there already did not let me in. My mom told me that she did not want me to see him like that. But the little bit that I saw was tubes in his mouth and in his nose, and the I.V. on his hand. Later my sister and her boyfriend came and told them where to go. I started to think about life and how it would be without him, while I was against the wall in the hallway of the hospital. I went up to the glass and put my ear against it so that I could hear what they were saying about my brother and I heard my mom saying Robert, but really loud. His heart started beating hard. The doctors saw that my brother was reacting and they moved him to a different room. We did not get to see him for the rest of the day but we stayed there for a couple of hours. I was sad when we had to leave. I did not want to. I wanted to stay with my mom and his girlfriend, but I could not because the next day I had to go to school. After school we went back to the hospital and my mom was in the room with my brother. My Tios were there and I was with them in the waiting room. Even my Tia from San Antonio was going to come down to see him. 3 days later my brother woke up, asking for his car.