The Things We Take for Granted

Angela - West Chicago, Illinois
Entered on November 3, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

How many of you can truly say you eat dinner with your family on a reasonable basis? The sad thing is, not many people in this world can. How many of you enjoy that leftover meat loaf you have in the fridge? I am sure most human beings do. On the other hand, many could only wish they had this opportunity. I believe that the biggest crime is taking the important things in life for granted.

I come from a big, traditional, Italian family, so as most individuals would guess, there is more than sixty people to branch out under both of my grandparents. This does not include second, third, or fourth cousins either. Unfortunately though, a little less than half of these family members live in Italy, a place 4,832 miles away. It’s hard enough to talk on the phone with some one who does not speak the same language as I do, but also I do not have the luxury of flying on an eight hour plane ride to see them whenever I please. But most of all, I feel bad for my mother, who hasn’t seen her brother in nearly nineteen years. “He is still in my heart, and those memories from when we were younger will always stay with me,” she reminds me every once in a while. She does not envy those who can see their siblings with a twenty minute car drive or those who can see their parents for Mother’s and Father’s Day. I respect and admire my mother for this reason.

The same idea goes for the people starving in Africa or the little girls in China who rarely get a chance. We may not realize the importance of these ideas as people who get to eat on a regular basis or women who actually have a say in what happens in our world and own life. As of right now, there are over 11 million people in the horn of Africa alone that are starving and have no place to sleep at night. This is only a portion of our world in need of shelter, so just imagine the rest of the surrounding areas suffering. I believe that people need to put themselves in another’s position for a moment and realize that life is not all about the latest fashions or Sports Center.

As a person who values the importance of education and freedom, I would like people to just take a step back and realize how lucky they are to be in such a privileged position. Go home to any loved ones and give them a hug to simply embrace their presence. Go home and say a prayer before dinner, thanking god for all the wonderful food you are about to consume. Be thankful that you can have even the littlest necessities of life. Not many people these days are, but I know I am. I believe that the biggest crime is taking the important things in life for granted.