Hit The Open Highway

Shane - Marquette, Michigan
Entered on November 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change, family

Hit The Open Highway

Even though I take separate vacations with both sides of my family because my parents are divorced, I get to spend quality time with each of them and my siblings. Driving in the car, while playing games, unites me with the rest of the people I love. The connections between us grow. Setting aside time with both my Mom and Dad is difficult with the busy lives we lead. Traveling brings the family together by sharing the experience of going to a vacation destination. Departing on a road trip takes each person away from the time consuming tasks of every-day life. Traveling is where the best memories are made.

With my Dad, one of my favorite things to do for entertainment while driving is slug bug. It’s a game where if someone sees a VMW beetle, we jab the opponent in the arm, and receive a point. The team with the most points wins. Usually it’s me and my two older sisters against the parents; however, sometimes my Dad and I pair up. That’s when I feel a strong connection with my Father. When loosing, we usually joke with my step-mom and sisters. We say that we’re letting them get ahead, so they feel good about themselves for a while before making a come-back. The competitiveness of the game gets everyone excited and involved. Having the whole family in the car, laughing, and taking part in a fun game is what being together is all about. Traveling with my Mom brings me and my younger siblings closer together as well.

It’s great to joke around and have fun with my little brother and sister while going on a road trip. To keep each of them entertained during a long drive, we play hang man and tick tack toe in the back seat of the van. At the same time, I feel responsible as an older brother to look out for them. Keeping my younger brother and sister from tearing each other’s heads off is prevented by watching a movie on the portable DVD player or listening to music on my IPod. I receive the most enjoyment when the three of us are relaxing in the back of the van.

No matter what part of the family I’m driving with on a road trip, I’m able to interact and bond with each parent and sibling. We all share the excitement and fun along the way. Traveling is when I can cherish moments with the people I care about the most.