Facing Your Fears

Kara - Ishpeming, Michigan
Entered on November 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: fear, illness

I believe that you have to get over your fears for your own safety and health. My biggest fear has always been needles. The one thing I feared the most with needles was having to get an IV for intravenous fluid because I hate the fact of having a foreign object in my veins. This past week I had to give into my worst fear for my own safety.

I have always told myself and my family that I would never get an IV. I said I’d do whatever possible to avoid one. This past week I was still forced to get an IV. The day started with a sharp pain in my lower right side every time I moved my leg. I wasn’t sure what it was but people told me it could be my appendix, so I wanted to go to the doctors and see. My doctor couldn’t tell what my problem was without getting a C.T. scan, so she sent me to get one.

At that point, I wasn’t afraid of the C.T scan because I wasn’t sure what the procedure was. I got called into the C.T. scan room and was told to lie on the table. The technician told me he was going to take some pictures and to relax. I was sent through the machine two or three times without any problem. I thought the procedure was finished. Next, however, the technician told me that he was going to get a nurse to start the IV for the second part of the procedure. Right then I almost died with fear. When the nurse entered the room, I could barely breathe. She took my arm and told me to relax and stay still. I couldn’t relax, let alone breathe.

As the needle punctured the vein in my arm, my whole body was filled with the worst pain I have ever felt. The nurse had to take the needle out because it accidentally struck the nerve in my arm. Meanwhile, the nurse decided to start an IV on the top of my hand. At that point I didn’t care and I just wanted the whole thing over with. The technician took a couple more pictures and then I was finished.

Once it was over I was instantly relieved and very proud of myself. During the procedures I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I just faced my biggest fear. I never thought I could do what I had just done. The tests came back and the results showed that it wasn’t my appendix and only a minor cyst, which would burst on its own. The doctors told me that it was a good thing I came because if it was my appendix and it was to burst I could have died. In the end, I learned that facing your fears is very important when it comes to your health.