The Peace of Snow

Thomas - Marquette, Michigan
Entered on November 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature

I believe in the escape snow brings.

Snow falls silently and peacefully. Every snowflake is different but they combine to form one, perfect blanket. Snow brings fun, silence, and peace. I recall when I was enjoying myself in the white fluff and how it affected me today.

Life was stressful and I needed an escape. I turned on my yard light, walked out to my backyard, and tried to have fun skiing. I was alone and it was a dark, cold night. I walked up my small hill time and time again. Crunching the snow and clicking in and out of my bindings just to slide for a few seconds. Snow provides me peace by giving me a way to have fun and forget about life. No matter what stresses I have, a snowflake puts a smile on my face.

Up and down the gentle hill I went. The silence of snow deafened me. It is an amazing experience to be met with complete silence. Our world is so cluttered that a break from it is surreal. Snow brings peace through its silence. When faced with complete silence all I can do is listen. I sat at the top of my hill searching for some noise but nothing came. To break the silence I stood up and locked into my bindings. The click of metal echoed through the trees, ending the temporary peace. I wanted to feel that peace again. I slid down the hill, came to a gentle stop, and laid down.

I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t hurt. I simply felt like lying in the soft white blanket. I stared upwards towards the winter sky. It was a clear crisp night, stars everywhere. All thought escaped me. I forgot about my worries and was at peace. I simply sat in the cool snow for ten minutes, numb to my surroundings. A blanket of snow had brought me peace. I was at peace for the first time in months. A blanket of snow cleansed my world. Snow lays down over everything and everyone. It helps me to start over, even for just a moment. Snow is my escape from the stresses of life.