Life’s Little Challenges

Brittany - Marquette, Michigan
Entered on November 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Over the last eighteen years I have grown to find that challenges come into your life that you need to face. Usually these challenges are difficult to overcome, but once you get over the obstacles it makes you realize how strong you can be.

My challenge started my junior year of high school. That was when my friends and I first started partying. At first, I would drink with them on the weekends, but soon we were drinking at least four days out of the week.

Even though I thought I was living the perfect life, I was neglecting everything else in my life. I was doing horrible in my classes and I quit my school activities. I never spent time with my friends or family. The whole thing only got worst my senior year of high school.

During my senior year of high school, I lost track of my goals that I had made for myself. It was around Christmas time when I realized that I needed to slow down and take a good look at my life. Where was I going in life? I needed to make major decisions such as whether I was going to go to college or get a job, live at home or rent an apartment. I was unsure about my life and I was scared out of my mind to think of some of the possibilities that might happen in my life. So I continued drinking on the weekends because I felt that it helped me deal with the stress, when it was just making my life more stressful.

It was two months until graduation, when my teachers sat me down and told me that I would not be able to graduate if I did not shape up. I could not imagine it; I put in so much effort everyday just to hear that I might not graduate. I was upset because this forced me to cut back on partying. Slowly my grades began getting better so I began drinking again. But one day my parents sat me down which made me nervous to hear what they had to say. They told me that I had lost control of my life and they were not going to pay for my college education.

That left me with a huge question; do I still go to college? I put so much thought into thinking it through and I realized the only way to make it in this world is with a college education. So this summer, I stopped partying and I worked ten hours every day just to get money to start paying for college. It was difficult for me to stop drinking, but I overcame it with the help of my true friends.

I believe that life throws you challenges that you have to face and once you overcome them you become a stronger, more independent person.