Products of our surroundings

Will - san diego, California
Entered on November 3, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I loved to say that all my beliefs, opinions and actions originate from my own mind and reaction, but I would only be fooling myself if I thought that was the truth. It sounds fascinating when intriguing news or facts are revealed to the mass media, it perceives a sense of security and honesty from the information that was revealed. Even at personal circumstances of exposure, the reaction is still present. Yet, in reality how far does the truth run in the echo of words? With all the differently types of sources that are exposed to humans theses days, it wouldn’t be difficult to reference off of someone else’s thoughts. Including myself, sometime feed off people’s thoughts because they are funneled into the direction of my own environment and surroundings. Leaving the creditability of the truth or so-called “truth”, up to its original source.

In present times, the access of knowledge and information is as easy as pressing one button on a TV remote, or purchasing a ticket to the local theaters. Information, whether true or false, surrounds humans daily visualization which enables it to be easily to apprehended. My employer, who happens to own a 5 star restaurant downtown, shares his beliefs and thoughts, through his own experience how the economy is facing hard times with increasing unemployment. Myself, being a student and one who is less familiar with current economic standpoints, tends to rely on my well-educated and knowledgeable boss, who I assume is a creditable source. Given the information he tells me, I’m likely to relay that information when the topic of conversation arises. Mainly relaying the information during informal conversations, but the fact of the matter is that my perception on the economy is based on someone else’s thoughts. Weather the truth or not, my belief lies heavily in his preaching. The media is another popular source of information that people tend to base their judgment off of. News channels and radio stations give their best judgment on current events but in the end the information still remains a second hand sources. News reporter Gerardo Guerra gave a live footage report in the city of Baghdad in 2005, concerning the war in Iraq. The story and source faltered when the truth revealed that Guerra was actually reporting from a near by city and at no time was near the scene he claimed. Guerra’s report was simply an illusion of the truth, which happened to feed the beliefs all of his spectators. Fortunately, the truth of this incident was revealed, but how many other illusions of the truth have yet to be discovered.

In my current point in life, juggling school, work and more work, I find it slightly difficult to keep up with current issues and the economy. Not to put myself down, my immediate priorities lie elsewhere. Even when I attempt to fling myself into respectable conversation of politics, I get mislead and confused at times with facts or topics. The probable result of my lesser experience will drift me to stick with my guns, and support what I’ve learned and what I have heard. Two mouths ago I could of said confidently that I was voting for Barrack Obama, but when word got out of his affiliation with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, I became skeptical of his morals and beliefs. Rev. Wright has been criticized for his judgmental and bias remarks concerning political leaders. I consider myself at limbo at this point and unsure who ill vote for. Controversy topics and issues are not always easy to grasp and make judgment. Thus, many times people find it easier to believe what they would feel is a reliable source. I’ve done research on diet methods and advice, and one of the main suggestions I took from the study was to not surround yourself with the type of foods that wont benefit you. This strategy helps you avoid such foods and eat healthier. My main belief is that many sources of facts and information are usually from strong and powerful branches, (CNN, TIME Magazine, etc) and individuals my not feel that their beliefs and ideas can amount up to there caliber. And many times, leaving what people hear to what they believe. I’ve done research on diet methods and advice, and one of the main suggestions I took from the study was to not surround yourself with the type of foods that wont benefit you. This strategy helps you avoid such foods and eat healthier. Reasoning is because if you surround yourself with unhealthy foods, you’re mostly likely to consume them as well.

As much as I would like to preach to people about finding out the truth of their beliefs, I truly can’t blame anyone for believing anything. In a sense, believing what we all hear comes natural for us humans. When one is surrounded with lucrative information it requires more effort to discover the truth. Unfortunate, many times the effort is never given and nor is truth. I believe the truth comes in small doses and one should be doubtful when it come for free.