I believe in righteousness

Maria - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on November 2, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

I believe in righteousness; that every person should keep in mind and accept the fact that not everyone will hold the same beliefs. To be clear about what they consider moral and immoral. No lies; No pretence; No hypocrisy. I believe that people should show respect towards other individuals despite their ethnicity, culture, or beliefs.

Coming from a society where religion once had a major impact on the government, I can tell you that such societies can be contradicting and disrispectful. They illigalize abortion and yet they frown upon single mothers? They’re not clear about what their own beliefs are and they disrespect people who are not like them. That’s exactly the problem though: the government; the people. Not the religion. I once believed it was my religion I had a problem with, but I now realize that I fully accept it; embrace it even. Perhaps I’m not as devout because I don’t promote it or because I don’t go to church every Sunday, but my reality is that the world does not need to see you devoting your life to it. So long as you know what your morals and beliefs are, then you should be appeased.

I have a clear understanding of right from wrong. I know what my morals are and the impact they have in my life and when I’m confronted with a new idea, I try not to be judgemental. I believe people shouldn’t be hiding their true selves under their religion; accepting only people like themselves and rejecting everyone who thinks differently. Does religion not teach people that everyone is equal under God’s eyes? Why then, do the most religious, most devoted people, discriminate others from a different race or belief? Only when they are in a building they consider to be sacred do they accept everyone else but what about once they’re done with their hour of worship? They realize they’re not playing that part anymore and return to their critizising selves. Religion is not an hourly thing; it’s an everyday belief in a higher being and acceptance of others despite their flaws. If they meet someone who is different than them one way or another, they should keep their comments to themselves and respect that person.

I believe in righteousness, not hypocrisy. Be clear about what you believe in. I believe in respect, not critizism. If you don’t share the same idea as another person, be respectful not judgemental.