A happy Family

Aileen - Pomona, California
Entered on November 2, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: equality, family

I have dreamt of my wedding many times in my life, really what girl hasn’t. A wedding after all would be a day devoted to me and the person I love, a day where I get to shout to the world how much I love my partner. It is sad to see though that some communities are actually being deprived of this and also of forming families. This is one fact that our gay communities have had to face for quiet a while. I believe that everyone should be able to celebrate a wedding and form a family no matter what type of a relationship it is; heterosexual or homosexual.

I didn’t realized how big the problem was until it hit close to home. My family has a very close friend that is gay. When she came out as being a lesbian it was a bit of a surprise for most of my family because it really wasn’t expected. Soon after she told us she was gay she introduced to us her life partner they had already been together secretly for about a year before she told the family.

After about eight years of relationship they let us know that they wanted to have children. Our whole family was very happy when they told us that they wanted to adopt , “we want to adopt there are just so many needy kids out there we just want to give one a home.” Very soon though my friend found out they could not adopt any child; they were an unfit couple to raise a child, because they were not married. The agency did not find the couple to be a stable home for a child to grow up in. The agency believed that the couple could break up in any given day and the child would end up suffering again. My family new that this was practically impossible they had been together for almost ten years now if they were a regular couple man and woman they would have already been considered somewhat of a married couple under law.

With time they managed to get over the sad news that they couldn’t adopt but they started to pursue the idea of getting married. She became very active in promoting gay rights, and as soon as government announced that same sex marriage was allowed in California she started to plan her wedding and her big party. This is now at jeopardy though, because once again people are trying to revoke the law passed that allows her marriage. I do not of course think that it is fair for my friend to be deprived of her happiness. It is unfair to ignore the suffering that same sex marriage prohibition brings not only to those who are gay but also to their families and their future families. This is why I believe that same sex marriages should be allowed all over the world.