Family Values

Aimee - sparta, Michigan
Entered on November 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

When I was growing up my dad always instilled in me that family comes first. Family will always be there for you through thick and thin. They will stand by you as your support system when you need them. Family is everything; it is all you have in the end. This is why I believe in family first.

My dad had the opportunity to take job in Alaska but in the end he decided not to take it after talking with the family. He was considerate enough to listen to the opinions of everyone the decision affected. In not taking the job in Alaska he is jeopardizing is happiness. He doesn’t like the guy he works with because my dad has to do everything by himself. He has a problem with the time schedule also because he sleeps during the day while my sister is at school and he’s at work when she gets home and he gets home when we’re sleeping. For me I see him for maybe a couple of hours before he leaves then a few hours after that I have to leave myself. That’s why we spend as much time with him as we can on the weekends or days we don’t have school. He doesn’t mind still working with the company he’s with because he wants us to have things that he never was able to get when he was our age.

I will always be proud of my dad due to his ability to put others as in family before himself. I hope that when I have to make that choice I will be able to be like him and appreciate the opinions of those around me. I believe that I will always be one to keep going on with this belief in family values as it was taught to me. Family will always be there.