My Interview

michael - highland heights, Ohio
Entered on November 1, 2008
Age Group: 65+

My Interview With God


Why do you allow, if not even encourage, horrific acts against the innocent?

I only bring the wind, you each must set your own sail.

Why do you allow injustice and degradation?

I have given my creations the ability to create and uncreate.

How can I ever be sure that my action is truly in line with your will?

If it truly is, you will harbor no doubt.

Will there ever be universal peace?

When there is giving by all to all.

Are you not omniscient and omnipotent?

These are powers too onerous for even the Creator to will on Himself. I offer to you

solely the instruments for self-navigation to true North.

What is the greatest sin?

To lie to oneself.

What is the greatest good?

There are two. Loyalty and kindness to the deserving.

What must we do to make a better life for all?

Be unerringly truthful to yourselves.

Do you love your creations?

As they learn to love themselves.

When your name is taken in vain, which punishments do you invoke?

None, those who feel wronged by me, have yet to understand. It is I, who

Must guide them.

Do you recognize one form of worship or prayer over another? I want none.

I reward deeds of decency, these are the ultimate devotional acts.

What do you feel about human life today, within and without our known universe?

I pray to myself for you, all of you.

Who are your chosen people?

Each being of any form is chosen, or it would not be.

When I feel deeply sorry for myself, what should I do?

Reach out to others, help them. In turn their fingers will touch your brow, and then your heart.

Who offers the deepest gratification to you?

Those who authentically care for one another.

You will only rise to your full selves, when you are one another’s.

Are you not eternal?

Timlessness or periodicity cannot be applied to me. I simply am.