Emma - Longmont, Colorado
Entered on November 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


I believe in exercising compassion. The simple want and need to reach out to others. The young, old, short, tall, mean, sweet, goth, gay, and insane. I have learned that everybody deserves help and love. There have been times when I have wished someone would have reached out to me or simply smiled at me in the hallway and there have been other times when I couldn’t have asked for more. Others have shown me compassion by giving up lunch times to help me study for important tests, talking with me, and even saying hello. My parents always have open ears and my siblings always have open mouths. I am never short of listening or talking time. Therefore, I have made it my personal mission to make everybody I come in contact with daily feel better about themselves and others.

I also believe that compassion should be simple. You don’t have to give everyone you know a big plate of cookies! Just give what you can whether it be a smile or a skill. I have learned that something meaningless to me can be a world of difference to somebody else. Play and instrument at a retirement home, drop some cookies off at somebody’s house just because you can, smile at someone with a frown, compliment someone on their clothes or hair…the list never ends. When compassion is exercised, people don’t care how beautiful the music is or how tasty the cookies are, they are just happy to know that somebody cares.

Make friends with people that you wouldn’t normally hang out with. I have made several friends this way, and they are some of the best people I know. And the best part is, we met each other through compassion. By saying hello in the hallway, by sitting next to somebody who sits by themselves everyday.

I have learned that others and myself can make huge differences in others lives by exercising compassion. It requires almost nothing and results in almost everything. So why not? Why not make someone feel better if all it takes is a smile? Why not make someone’s life better if all it takes is standing up for them in the hallway? I believe in reaching out. I believe in expressing love and kindness.

I believe in exercising compassion.