The Power of Music

Allen - Huntington, West Virginia
Entered on October 31, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

This is What I Believe

I sincerely believe in the power of music. Music has the ability to alter a person’s way of thinking. I enjoy music. Usually it can be uplifting. There are also times that it may be sad. It is enjoyable either way. I have found that music is capable of moving a person. Music has a strong persona. It is able to do things that normally are not done. The emotions that it evokes are astounding. I do not believe that a person would be able to describe that feeling.

I have witnessed music to make a strong person weak, and a weak person strong. Depending on one’s feelings toward a particular song being played at the time, music has the ability to change them dramatically. Music is also able to transform a room full of people at one time. A group of individuals may be standing in one place, conversing with one another, until a song is played. Then, most, if not all of them, will be moving or dancing in some fashion.

Playing music is also thought to be therapeutic. Poetry has many feelings involved in it. However, when it is coupled with music, it is powerful. There have been times when an individual may have specific feelings toward another, and not know how to convey them. When this person refers to a certain song that relates to these feelings, usually that results in the message being understood. It enables one to express a myriad of emotions, feelings, moods, thoughts, humor and ideas. The levels of these expressions are endless. I believe everyone should experience this at least once in his or her lives.

A song by the band Pink Floyd, would be my favorite example of expressing feelings and emotions. The title is Comfortably Numb. Although the subject matter is not my preference of discussion. It talks about heroin abuse. The two guitar solo’s are fantastic. David Gilmour usually puts a lot of emotions in his work, this song definitely got my attention. The only way I could describe it, would be, imagining an eagle soaring over a canyon during a sunset. I realize that description has nothing to do with the subject, however that is the feeling I get from his guitar work.

The power of music is amazing. The things it has and will accomplish are boundless. I am eager to explore as many of those boundaries that I am able, for the rest of my life. I hope that others will also. Music is like a caring person, it gives pleasure to all, no matter who he or she is. It is truly a gift to be enjoyed by all.