Samantha - Hopkinton, Massachusetts
Entered on October 31, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

My sister, Kim, has been out to get me for as long as I can remember. When I was born she asked my Mom, “Can we return her?” She was the kind of child, three years older than myself, who always needed to be the center of attention. To her, I was this little ball of drool that got in the way of her constant attention. Once, Kim told me, “If you eat pennies, you’ll grow tall and strong. Of course I believed her and I ate the pennies. I only ate a few, but I’m sure they weren’t very good for me. She used to make up her own rules for board games making sure she always won.

When we got older, Kim began to really get on my nerves. I was tired of her always having to be right. I found myself constantly mad at her. At one point in time, after we got in a huge fight, I told my mother that I never wanted to speak to Kim again. I told her that Kim and I would not be close when we both moved away. I was so upset with her that I was planning on pushing her out of my life forever. Could I really do that? This plan worked for about a week.

The summer of my junior year in high school I went through an awful break up. I didn’t want to talk to anyone about what had happened. I just felt really lost. I had no one to turn to. I refused to talk to my sister for so long because I had convinced myself that she would be of no help to me. I would find myself saying, “When did this conversation take a hard left?” I was sure that she had no interest in helping me with my problems.

One night, when we were both home, I broke down into tears. I was crying only two minutes before my sister came running into the room to comfort me. She held me close and told me to tell her all of my worries. I spilled it all and she listened, whipping my tears. Her eyes did not judge me or pity me but they understood me. We talked for hours and eventually my purple room was no longer filled with sorrow but it was filled with childish laughter, the laughter I had missed. I have never felt so much comfort in my life.

I believe in sisterhood. I believe, that sisters will always be there for each other no matter what. I know that Kim and I will never stop loving each other. I am thankful for the sister I have no matter how angry she makes me sometimes. We will always be best friends and will be there for each other in our darkest hours.

“Well I found a bumper sticker that is perfect for me. It says, Yes, I am shorter than my younger sibling,” Kim breathed into the phone.

“I’m sorry that I am bigger than you. Must be all those pennies I ate when I was younger.” I paused for a moment and then we both broke out into violent laughter.