Expensive College Prices

Julius - Springfield, Ohio
Entered on October 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe … The price of college is way too high. The average price of a private university is just under 25,000 dollars per year. I am a freshman education major at Urbana University, in Urbana Ohio. Since I want to become a teacher in a public high school, I will be lucky to make 25,000 dollars a year in my first year of teaching.

With the election coming up in the next week I believe the presidential candidates should spend more time talking about lowering the price of a college education. With the down fall our economy is going through now, I believe that less and less people will be able to afford the ever rising cost of college. And that could be devastating to our economy and our country.

The government came up with 700 billion dollars to bail out our economy, and none of the money went toward education. I believe that education should be on the top of both candidates list. Since when did education not become the starting statement of the candidates in their speeches? Last I checked a person with a college education makes a lot more money, than someone without a college education. But if people cannot afford to go to college they won’t make more money, and if people can’t make more money than they can’t spend more money.

The government does give out grants to people that absolutely cannot afford college, but that doesn’t help the majority of the population in the middle class. I believe that our government should work to lower that price for all students. They should give out more government grants, and it’s not like they can’t come up with the money. Our country is trillions of dollars in debt but they can come up with more than half a trillion dollars to “bail out our economy”. That’s not the worst investment, but I believe that the government stepping in and lowering the price of college so that everyone can afford it, wouldn’t be a bad investment either.