I Believe In Tattoos

Marc - San Ramon, California
Entered on October 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in tattoos. The beauty that in these forms of art one’s person can

describe who they truly are as an individual. A person’s personality, love, hatred and

bliss. Their past and their future. Symbolic representation printed permanently to their

body, showing the world who they were and now are. Tattoos are not just for gangs and

underworld individuals. It is now much more widely spread upon our civilization. It is a

brotherhood of expression. Who I am, the people I relate myself to and the decisions I

make in my life.

The art in discovering once self. With every new tattoo it is accompanied by

a story or event in my life. As a human body pushes through life it accumulates its

history with scars, tainting its once fresh canvas with refreshing and bitter pieces of my

life story. I was never truly into tattoos in my adolescent years. However I always been

infatuated with official fighting. I drew through my experiences with passion. However

there was one fighter I drew personal satisfaction in viewing. Rampage Jackson, one of

the fiercest competitors I have ever enjoyed viewing. Threw watching a self biography

of Rampage I grew to view similar characteristics in ourselves. The inner beast and self

taming. Rampage once said “I am a beast, a wolf and a fighter. To mark myself as this

is not me.” I respect Rampages idea on this particular tattoo, however this is me. I

may not be the only admirer of tattoos. Tattoos are my generation of expression. The

heart and sole behind this glorious form of art. My tattoos tell my life story. Others may

express their background or religion. Faith and hope. It’s everything that accompanies

us with life.

People don’t influence your life unless you allow them to. The way your family brings

you up and the friends you accompany yourself by. Through the actions in my life I

have never lost my path of individuality. I thrive to be myself. The tattoos I establish

onto my body define who I am. The untamed beast and a believer in hope. The

follower of passion and life experiences. To grow and always remember. My tattoos

remind me who I was and still am. I have found my passion in self expression enjoying

every minute of it. The stories and events I tell revealing the real reason I wear my

tattoos with such glory, never thinking I could feel so complete. I’m proud of whom I

am and the tattoos that tell my story. For now I am on my path, my life and there’s no

curiosity in my mind to look back.