The Day We are Living in the Moment

Xue Yuan - San Ramon, California
Entered on October 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

I believe in today and along with the rest of “today’s.” According to Kahlil Gibran, “yesterday is but today’s memory, tomorrow is today’s dream.” I personally think that “today” is most important among all of the “yesterday’s” and “tomorrow’s”. Today is the day where I put something significant and worthwhile to this day, where I use my God-given abilities to think, act, and live my best.

I love dancing, and I especially love performing dances. From ballet to jazz to hip hop, I’ve been performing all these different dances since young! These dance experiences really made an impact to what I believe now. It made me realize that performing a dance is just like living my life.

First of all, I must go through months of practices filled with ups and downs before putting on a performance. There are times when I face challenges and feel discouraged. There are also times when I dance well and stand out from the other dancers. These times are like my yesterdays.

Today is like the day of my performance, the day of my life. I do not want those bad days to affect my performance, or let those proud moments lull me into complacency. Those obstacles during practices are to help me grow stronger, and the applauses are to encourage me to move on. Thus, I am wiser today from the experiences I have had yesterday.

At the end of the performance, I couldn’t determine if I will get cheers or “boos”. Hence, there is no point worrying about not doing well in the performance. When I start thinking about what will happen later, I lose concentration and miss out on what I am doing now. So, what’s most important is for me to enjoy my own performance. It does not matter how today ends, because today’s performance is the preparation for the following performances. Today’s success builds tomorrow’s confidence and today’s failure helps in tomorrow’s maturity.

A performance cannot be repeated; likewise today cannot be repeated. Time just keeps ticking by and in no time, today will be yesterday. Do I want the performance to be something that I will be proud of or ashamed of? I truly believe that there is no unimportant performance, no unimportant day in anyone’s life. My choice of not backing down but to give my best for all my performances always gives me a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Then I thought, why not apply this attitude towards my daily life and get the same positive feeling.

September 30th 2008 is only once in a lifetime. When tomorrow arrives, this day disappears forever. Hence, I find it useless to worry about the tomorrows that might not come, or worry about the yesterdays that will not return, but worry about today that has already arrived.