Knock Drugs Out

Ryan - Denver, Colorado
Entered on October 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

On an ordinary sunny day in Arizona, my mom, dad, sister, boxing coach and grandparents all drove one hour to the Civic Center Mall where a competition would take place that would completely change my life. A month prior, I received notice that I was a finalist in Arizona’s Anti-drug competition. At the time I got the message, my parents were out of town, but I immediately called all my relatives to inform them of the opportunity I was about to receive.

After several days of practice, the competition finally came and I was more nervous then I had ever been. My coach reminded me of all his previous boxing competitions and how he would relieve himself from all his stress. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. I walked onto the platform stage and began my speech in front of hundreds of people. All I saw were the flashing cameras, the film crew, and the group of five judges that sat directly in front of the stage. I spoke about my anti-drug and how it keeps me drug free. Next, I was going to have to perform my anti-drug in front of all these people. My speech came to an end, after what seemed to be the longest two minutes of my life and finally “The Way I Are,” my theme song by Timbaland, filled the room and I knew it was my chance to shine. I began my boxing routine with my coach, John, and my stress simply disappeared. Right jab, left jab, hook, roll; I felt like there was no stopping me.

The theme of my routine was to “knock out” drugs and I truly felt that that day I made a difference in some people’s lives. Although I did not win the entire competition, I felt that I changed and that I had changed others. I learned that one person truly can make a difference, no matter how well known they are. I was just a young high school girl, and that day one of my dreams came true. I felt that I made a difference and impacted the lives of others.