I Believe that Superstitious Beliefs are False

Olga - San Ramon, California
Entered on October 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe that Superstitious Beliefs are False

I know a lot about Russia, the country I was born in. I know that there are so many superstitious beliefs that Russians don’t even know half of them. For example, the most popular superstition: If a black cat crosses your way, you will have bad luck that day. Do you know what people do to avoid this bad luck? They will hold any buttons on their clothing, or they will spit three times over their left shoulder. I followed these rules, but actually nothing ever happened to me if a black cat crossed my way. I never had better luck if I held on to a button or spit three times over my left shoulder. Probably, if someone takes it to his attention and thinks about what happened to him during the day, he might have had a bad experience and relate the bad luck to the black cat; it’s not the poor cat’s fault that this cat happens to be born black.

A lot of these unreasonable beliefs are coming from the past, full of myths and superstitious beliefs. Humans always try to convince themselves by believing in superstitions that protect them from danger, risk, and to avoid negative situations.

In present times we know that superstitious beliefs are the viewpoints of the times past. My present opinion about these old stories and beliefs are that they are just foolishness of naive people. An accident, which broke my beliefs about superstition, was a time, when my mom was cooking in the kitchen. It was an early morning. I snuck into the kitchen like a spy to check on what my mom was cooking. Accidentally my mom broke a cup while she was washing the dishes. In Russia we have a belief that if somebody breaks a dish, it will bring good luck and happiness. That is why my mom and I laughed about the broken dish. We decided that this would bring us luck today! Unfortunately this was not the case. I crawled back into my warm bed and decided to sleep just a little bit more. It was Saturday, a good day to sleep. I heard the phone ring and that’s when my mom screamed! She cried out, “Natasha! What has happened? What happened with Mom?” Then she began crying. Natasha was my grandmother’s neighbor. She helped my grandmother around the house when we were away. She called my mom to tell her that my grandmother had passed away. I think that this was the second time in my life that I ever saw my mom cry. I was very upset that my grandmother had died. This was the moment in my life when I realized that all of this Mumbo Jumbo was false.

Everybody builds their ideas depending on their experience. Sometimes they fail or succeed at making a right or a wrong decision. It is foolish to base any beliefs off of superstitions that only have evidence from a few certain situations. There are other cultures that believe that black cats are good luck! This shows that superstitions are myths created by the culture and the people to deal with their fears and insecurities. I made my choice on how I view superstitions, and my grandmother’s death helped me to realize that it doesn’t matter what superstitions beliefs are. The most important thing that I believe is that my reality is based on the experiences and not myths that have fooled many people for long periods of history.

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