The Importance of the Journey

Jonathan - Bellerose, New York
Entered on October 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the journey; the never ending trek towards self discovery in which a destination holds little meaning. Who we are and what we believe in are not things that can be found in one moment of revelation, but rather a myriad of moments mixed together on the backdrops of our lives.

With every step taken we find ourselves seeing the world in different hues, but the moment we say we have found our destination a tragedy occurs; those colors lose their brilliance. My journey is one of many shades intertwined to tell a story of memories- of the who’s, what’s when’s, why’s, hows, and everything in between.

I was born on the morning of March 23, 1991 with cerebral palsy. It was in this disability, each step painful and deliberate that I started my journey. I found myself viewing the world through the colors least likely to be noticed. I bared witness to the soft speckles of blue cast by the rising sun during those mornings where I’d get up to enjoy the soft drizzle of my own thoughts. I captured the sunbursts of honey smothered light reflected off the tip of a pencil just as it would come into contact with the paper. These are the colors of a new path uncovered as imperfect beings collide to create something beautiful.

My imperfections have been the key to my journey. Everything I do requires a measure of concentration and balance, and that gives importance to each moment lived. I have found myself in the small details between steps. In those moments I see just how complex and multifaceted we truly are. To see someone marvel at the changing of seasons or the touch of a snowflake helps me realize that if we didn’t take the time to stop and take in the little experiences, where we find ourselves in the end will have no meaning.

I’ve been a Christian for as long as I can remember, and one thing I’ve noticed about God is that He takes in the small details as well. From the the colors of our eyes to each fingerprint, He uses the small things to create the big picture. The life of a Christian is all about the journey; the everyday struggle to stay in Christ, and discover who we are in Him.

It’s from the circumstances in my life that I have had the privilege to learn and understand the beauty that is our existence. Sooner or later we must realize that the finish line isn’t what matters. What will stay with us forever is how we’ve been touched and who we passed that inspiration onto during the race. I believe that each step is a race in itself, and that’s something I’m honored to be a part of.