I believe in being myself

Kendra - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Entered on October 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in being myself. When I was growing up I would always get teased by what it seemed like everyone. When I was younger I had a rare case of acne. My whole family had a history of acne, it would skip around my family. My mom had it but my grandma didn’t. My brothers didn’t have it but my sister and I did. I could not control my acne so going to school with mean kids that didn’t know what was going on was hard.

From the 4th grade to the 11th grade in I was being teased. In the 8th grade I wanted to make a change because I was tired of going places and being the center of attention. It seemed like when I went places everyone stared at me in my face, I felt so embarrassed.

I tried to use over the counter medicine, but it seemed like everything failed me. I got some pro-active but it only made things worse. I went to my dermatologist but they didn’t help me. When I was in the 10th grade I finally gave up because my grandma told me that what was on the inside is what makes me beautiful. I held on to these words. My grandma’s words help me until this day.

I have a boyfriend that loves me for me and not how I look on the outside. He fell in love with my personality, my kind heart, and my intelligence. My family and friends like me for who I am and not how I look. I feel like I cheated myself. I feel like part of my life was wasted because I was so worried what other peoples thought of me, I lost time in getting to know myself.

Now I know who I am. I am a smart, intelligent, talented, kind, creative, powerful strong black sister. I don’t care what anybody says or thinks about me. So what if I have a little acne. My acne helps me remember who I am everyday I look into the mirror. It helps me remember things I put myself through to try to be like everyone else. I know who I am, I am me until the day that sweet is sour and tart is honey. My soul was given to me from birth, no image, no lie can change me. Nothing but my own truth, it keeps me strong in this life.