This I Believe

Don - Evansville, Indiana
Entered on October 30, 2008

As children we begin to read and we revel in the wonder of learning about letters and words. The first time I could read one of those cardboard children’s books, I walked around for days with that book tucked protectively under my pudgy little freckled arm. All I remember now is that there was a tiger on the cover; I am sure the tattered remains were dispatched to the dustbin decades ago.

Some of us become life -long readers. Some of us lose the pleasure of reading temporarily while reading less than exciting text books, only to rediscover the wonder again as adults. Some of us lose the wonder altogether, never rediscovering what worlds of knowledge and pleasure reading brings to us.

In the last few years my 87 year-old father has lost the majority of his eyesight and has depended on audio books and digital downloads from the Library of Congress and his local small town library. He has become voracious in his reading, listening to books that he never would have picked up before. Books have become a refuge of sorts to him now that he cannot fully enjoy some other forms of entertainment. We have grown accustomed to seeing him in ear phones!

Reading, regardless of the form, is one of the most valuable abilities that we can all carry with us through life without regard to social or economic limits that we may have.

I believe in reading because it sustains me in the world in which I live.