I Believe in the Powe of Love

Nikki - Peoria, Arizona
Entered on October 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Love has a broad range of definitions. Love can be anything from strong affection for a person to an intense pleasure from an action. Love means different things to different people. I love my parents, my boyfriend, James, the color green, furry animals, astrology, orange chicken, “House M.D.,” clouds, and the smell of rain. The things I love make me happy, inspire, and encourage me. I believe in the power of love.

Being crazy about astrology, I love the beliefs of Roman mythology and knowing that the planets influence my personality. What force involving love can be more powerful than that of a God? Venus is the Goddess of love; she encourages people to love one another. Though many believe the science behind astrology to be bogus, I value the lore and use it to help direct my life. A good astrologer can predict the future by observing the planets. When the planets move, they align, causing different events by swaying decisions.

Being hopeful and naive, I dated several men, thinking that my planet Saturn and the planet Venus had positioned themselves to help me find that special person. This was not the case. Bad relationships are not all completely bad. I have learned from past relationships what I expect from someone I love, and what love is not. Several of my ex-boyfriends taught me that I hate greedy pigs, by making me pay for dinner, moving too fast, and taking me bowling which I hate. My most recent ex-boyfriend played mind games, and it made me nuts trying to figure him out. It is from him that I learned that there are different kinds of love. He explained to me that there is a difference between loving someone, and being “in love” with someone. This ended our relationship. After years of dating cheap pigs, I gave dating a rest until I met James.

James and I met through my best friend, his sister Sarah. After months of text messaging this guy I had never met, Sarah and James decided to show up at my work to end the masquerade. It was love at first sight, for me anyways. James was four years older than me and a little hesitant to date a minor. After becoming better acquainted with one another, we realized that we both valued many of the same things, and began our relationship. Getting to know James more, I found out that he had a serious goal of becoming a bioengineering researcher. I didn’t even know this job existed. Before dating James I was fine with my minimum wage job, but he inspired me to go to college and become something more. If I had not fallen for this guy, I would have never had a chance to meet his parents, who are exactly like mine. Realizing that we came from similar backgrounds strengthened our relationship.

There are infinite ways for someone to show her love for someone or something, but not all are admirable. My parents are always there for each other, even when things get tough and they can not stand one another. On the other hand, my brother and his girlfriend break up every time they get in a fight. There was a list recently published with the names of several hundred famous people who were caught to have paid women for an action some would relate to love. I remember seeing on the news that a girl killed her mother because she was jealous and in love with her father. The power of love is strong enough to persuade people to buy love and even make someone kill. Love can misguide people, however my love is positive and strong, and I plan to keep it that way.

I have learned so much from love, and now that I know what and who I love, I can make plans for the future. Looking forward, James and I have such a strong love for one another we can plan almost everything together. Being the one to inspire me to go to college, I want to follow in his path. I’ve never been very good in school, and his major is one of the toughest out there. I’m determined to do well in college and hopefully be a part of his lab team. After school we plan on moving to Flagstaff where there is a research facility and starting our lives together. I believe in the power of love and that it has given me an opportunity to grow and learn.